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Requirements To Join [CLT]

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Requirements To Join [CLT]

Post by [CLT] Ace on Thu Jun 06, 2013 3:30 pm

Hi and welcome to our forum my name is Valentine and i'm the forum administrator and i'll take a small part on your clan applications.

We are looking for friendly active members who will support and provide our clan members as much they don't need any Damage or Level limit,all members are welcome to apply..although we ask from all members to change there names with our clan name example: [CLT] Ace *after [CLT] a space is requited please don't forget that*

Step 1: Make a new topic providing your game info (example: Name,Code and for how long your playing Monster Warlord)

Step 2: Add and wait for our approval from our clan leader [CLT] Code (game code: 7188173727)

If you need any help about our forum or any more details please feel free to send me PM or add me in game 5102375161 and message me on my wall.

[CLT] Ace
Admin Ace
Admin Ace

Code : 5102375161
Level : 160
Damage : 1.1m+
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Re: Requirements To Join [CLT]

Post by [CLT] CODE on Sun Jun 16, 2013 10:12 pm

We are Crazy Love Team a peaceful clan letz maintain peace n try to avoid farming or thrash talk unless neccesary u know me n my girl will alwayz back u [CLT] msg us n we will b there u r amazing each one of u thanx for being [CLT] lets get stronger build closer bonds n most of all have fun n make friendz n if war breakz out letz show no mercy n why crazy is in our name ha we r about respect letz continue to grow each day with new faces n memberz thanx [CLT]
Admin Code
Admin Code

Code : 7188173727
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