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How to start and farm valk50/phobos100 dungeons -GainDmgMega

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How to start and farm valk50/phobos100 dungeons -GainDmgMega

Post by wt.videl on Wed Aug 14, 2013 3:58 pm

Main lvl156, ipad 2nd account lvl30. I want to try to cap/twink at lvl99 and be hitting the valk50/phobos100 dungeons with 4%+ success.
ATM, this is impossible because you got full elder teams causing 30-50% dmg and killing these summons in 3 hits. but I hope that GE will make a dmg cap of 5% or 8% for these dungeons, than they'll actually last more than 90 seconds.

I'm assuming the only way to do this is with 500 jewels, but better off with 2000-4000 jewels.

No points in energy, all points in stamina.
Get all quests to 99% (One step from 100% complete), than at same point you can complete than and mass lvl during a WB.
Avoid levelling, so add maximum allies, get as many dark monsters as possible. At lvl99, you'll have 100*5=500alliances=3000 monsters.

High Summons is the key early on, atm I'm getting 1.5mil per dump on a high summon (30k atk, lvl30), and this doesn't cause to level.

I need correct building formula, it's tough doing the math every time!!
farm/pen/storage/hut = 65
water wheel = 34, forge = 28, bakery = 20, market = 12-16?
restaurant = ?

First priority is getting a strong dark monster or two, say Diablos, and Hydras. Air is good dmg too, as is fire, but work on dark first.

VOTE #1: Is it better off to spend mega jewels to get top 100 in WB to get 2 gods or an s god?
Or is it better to score top 10/20% in WB for 2chaos/1ultimate, and than try to get a few of these and combine (20,000,000 gold to combine, problem here)?

So far I've gone for chaos, top 20% in WB, and I've scored Phoenix, Blue Dragon, King Kong, Diablo (

I really need an air at the moment. Air is good for damage. and than I need to get a hydra and bone dragon. Hydra is only 50 jewels, so worth going for. I mine as well use the Phoenix/Blue Dragon cause the atk ratio gain is better. Unless you think I should burn KK/Diablo to keep the fire.water for dungeon team? Unless I combine both of them, get 2 hydras, and combine both those for bone dragon?

Otherwise with the money I make from summons, I've been building my buildings at correct ratio and pumping ghosts, minisatans, and mummies next lvl, x400~ each atm.


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Re: How to start and farm valk50/phobos100 dungeons -GainDmgMega

Post by [RCE] Maniac on Mon Sep 02, 2013 9:52 am

I will be experimenting with something similar in global 2 but i will probably get up to 30 energy to help start up

[RCE] Maniac
[RCE] Maniac

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