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Hello all!

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Hello all! Empty Hello all!

Post by wt.videl on Wed Aug 14, 2013 3:57 pm

I just found this forum and it looks way more active than the other 2 that I've been on, so Great, I look forward to participating and contributing.

I've already got a clan, so I'd like to stick with that one.

lvl 155~ with 1.5~ mil attack, been playing for a few months, and it's just tough at this stage to level up and grow in attack/damage.

I definitely need to see GE make an update to fix lvl50-100-150 dungeons, have a dmg cap @ 5%, cause when they die within a minute, it gives us no chance to get 1-5%.

Hit high summons (170 is ok, but ultimately 200+ is best), max allies, max dark archons (3k). I've got baal and Tethys (dark and water ss). Recently lost most my gods, ultimates and chaos' during a combine frenzy, never knew you could lose 20 in a row. Shouldn't it be 3-5 fail, 1 success? I burn red eyes for my first 2 combines always.


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