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Paying for jewels and effectively using them on world bosses

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Paying for jewels and effectively using them on world bosses

Post by [RCE] Vanion on Mon Jul 29, 2013 5:40 pm

Anyone thinking about paying for jewels will use them to their max efficiency by gaining the insight I have accumulated through weeks of samples I have put together along with some statistic figures...first..if you're going to pay for jewels for that number 1 spot on attacks you'll gain more by doing it at a lower level. This is due to the fact of dungeons and how after getting 50 levels over a can no longer use it. so at level can't participate in level 50 dungeons blah blah blah and so on. now 100 dollars gives you 1500 jewels which end up being 7500 attacks......besides ABEL(low health boss) the number 1 spot can range from 18000 attacks to 29000 attacks depending on how dedicated and deep a person's pockets are. ABEL however ranges from 12000 to 19000 because it dies quicker. So it's simple to see ABEL would naturally be cheaper for those two SS Gods. There are also ways you can psychologically reduce what that number 1 spot will be and that's through intimidation. First off you MUST be there right when the boss starts....and make sure you have the best connection possible....if wifi is crappy...just use data....and so the boss starts and the goal is to blow as much as possible and get the biggest lead possible from #2 example is I was at 9000 attacks and raising when number 2 was at 6000....I then kept going and going and stopped abruptly on it's important to stop on an even number like 12000 or 13000 or 14000.....because you know second place checks what you're at...and if he sees you stopping at 13000 like I did he thinks to this guy out of jewels? stopping at 13000? or is he simply waiting? how many jewels does he have left? hmmm should I chase him? or should I shoot for 5th place(5th and 2nd get 1SS God). the hope is to discourage anyone from chasing you.....and it worked.....2nd place guy stopped when I had a 4k lead....however he was eventually passed up by someone else who wanted a shot at the're not trying to get people to're just buying as much time as possible...because if they chase you and fail....they're losing hundreds of dollars. but at the same time if they chase and you've lost realistically if you want a guaranteed first place it would be wise to buy 3500 won't use all of them.....but if you're at 15000 attacks and someone is chasing you....but you don't have enough attacks left....he could pass you by 500 attacks and get that additional SS God as time runs would spending another 1000 to 2000 attacks be worth that extra SS? you damn right. Just be prepared.......but getting 1st isn't always better than getting 5th.. I have also seen 1st place on Abel finish at 15000 attacks and 5th place at 7000 attacks....well in that situation 5th place has a better return rate for jewels spent since he spent less than half the other guy what I recently discovered was the fight for 10th place is even more interesting.....depending on your level.....100 percent Combine cost for Jewels can vary.... so if 10th place were to finish at 6000 attacks....and 5th place finishes at 9000 attacks....and lets say 100 percent combine rate costs 300 jewels....then those 300 jewels equate 1500 attacks.....add that to the 6000 attacks for two S Gods....and 5th place used 9000 attacks for an SS God and 10th place spent 7500 for an SS God......and don't forget....during the World Boss you want to make sure you're babying the attack list to watch people sneaking up on you.....remember these are all play smart.....there are exceptions such as yesterday 7/28/2013 another alliance had a very interesting strategy where they had their top two members blowing up Polaris on damage and one of their weaker team mates blowing up attacks for 2 SS Gods..... two friends did over 8 Trillion together and the boss died super quick....the lower level member only had to spend around 9000 attacks to get first yea...that's just a little insight incase someone was thinking about buying for jewels. wouldn't want you to waste them. I would also enjoy anyone else's experiences or interesting theories on usage..........and yes I know I'm dirty son of a B***h for paying for jewels lol
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